Blockchain :

Throughout the world, there are millions of corgi lovers and enthusiasts. We want everyone in the world to know about corgi and their royal manners. Our vision is to create a "Corgi gang family" and control the price of our unique collection.Corgi gang is a collection of unique digital collectibles living on the cardano blockchain. 1. First drop: Get one of the 1999 adorable, unique corgis and become a part of our gang (5th march).2. Second drop: Will be in q2 of 2022. It will be more exclusive than the first one. Only owners of corgis from the first drop will have exclusive access to this drop.Each unique corgi gang nft will bring the holder utility benefits and perks such as:- possibility to take part in the second drop, - access to private crypto investor and programmers group,- voting rights for the direction of our upcoming nft releases Together with our community, we want to disrupt the entertainment industry and push the boundaries of innovation in the metaverse. For first 100 discord members will be an og (wh) role.