Blockchain :

We offer a diverse collection of 5,555 hand-crafted NFTs brought to life through our unique story-based narrative. The four elements comprising the metaverse have been summoned for a special mission….help decide the fate of Fengu! We are inspired by the anime designs of Japan and wanted to create a fun, cute, chibi style. Our cell-shaded graphics have been hand-crafted by our in-house artist, Shumu, to help to bring our story to life. • We are a community-driven NFT Project, with a touch of role-playing and fantasy elements. By incorporating a rich backstory and lore with the artistic talents of the team, we strive to make a name for ourselves in the NFT space. • 5,555 Token supply & 50 ADA mint price, priority on a fair and even distribution. • VIP access to all future projects we launch, an invitation into our inner circle. • 75% of weekly royalties go to the DAO Vault to be distributed based on voting outcomes.