Blockchain :

Good art have vibes. You can recognize and synchronize with it when you see it. It is a feeling. We love the Funky Tweets Club art collection, and we want to share this vibe and feel with you. Those birds are bold enough to be chill, Funky, and Groovy! We will skip the whitelist process and move on to the juicy part of the show. Public mint starts as soon as we enroll the collection! 999 Funky Tweets Club birds are waiting for you. Each bird is unique, and they all have personalities. Some of them even fly very high. We mean really high. Follow our Roadmap, and you will find yourself in the Metaverse space we occupy. Funky Tweets Club Caffe is a place to meet and tweet about! The collection is available for everyone, and those birds won’t rest until they find the Groove!