Blockchain :

Killer Cat Bengal Club is a doxxed, OG Polygon collection, of 10k, unique Bengal cats, by the Miami-born artist Fabriannie. Mint is Live, and to celebrate: for a limited time you can mint your own KCBC cat for only 25 Matic!! Plus, you get the Free Special Edition 3D Animated Airdrop too! And, minting on Polygon means no gas wars! On April 20th the Art Reveal party will be hosted in the KCBC metaverse space with Miami skyline views, nightclub vibes and an animated dance floor! Spatial, is a free virtual reality platform that does NOT require a VR set, so everyone can join the KCBC reveal party! Get ready to witness the artist's bengal cat, Honey, come to life in this colorful display! Honey is the inspiration behind the art. She loves to hunt and is a bit mischievous!! Each KCBC cat comes with a hunted item in its mouth and some are extra naughty getting their paws into items as well! Minting is more than just owning a piece of digital art. KCBC is about giving back to the community! Holders are entered into giveaways with crypto prizes totaling 130,000 Matic, plus milestone prizes like the $25,000 Cartier ring, VR sets, and the grand prize: a Tesla Model 3!! KCBC also donates to Pet Partners, a non-profit that visits people in need with therapy animals, including cats! $1,000 of the planned $25,000 donation has already been donated, so help us reach this goal & mint, today! This is a wonderful opportunity to be part of the fast-growing KCBC community.