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The Jungle Pass is Metadopt’s Early Adopter collection of 555 NFTs. By minting the Jungle Pass, you will get first access to customize your FREE sloth NFT on our Avatar Builder, and first dibs on assets across the entire sloth collection. Holders will also receive future launchpad WLs, free mints and more. About Metadopt: Metadopt is a team with 50+ years of product design and software development experience for major brands like Apple, Dropbox, Doordash, Sirius XM and many more. We’re currently developing our Avatar Builder - A "create-a-player" mint experience (and launchpad) that will make minting an NFT feel more personal and creative than ever before. In addition to developing our Avatar Builder, we're partnering with animal conservations and rescue efforts around the globe to raise funds to support their efforts. Our first partner is The Sloth Conservation in Costa Rica. We will donate 20% of mint + 1% of royalties from the first collection minting on our Avatar Builder in April - The Sloth Collection!