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Monster Sprite Club is an NFT project that wants to reward its community all the way through their journey. With rewards written right in to the smart contract of each project every month we will release a collection of 500 monster Sprite Club NFT's with a different species every month All Monthly Monster Sprite Club NFT collections will be priced at 0.09 BNB (Around $30) Every time a new nft is minted on the minting dapp website the Smart Contract will randomly select a previously minted NFT number and the owner of that NFT will receive 10% of the mint price. On the minting of the final nft in the collection the smart contract will again choose a random nft and the owner of that nft will receive 10% of the contract wallet. This equates to approximately $1500 of minting prizes and a final grand prize of approx $1350 (these sums will vary depending on the current value of BNB) You can mint the Monster Sprite Club NFT's one at a time but there is no limit to the number you can buy. The more you own the more chance of receiving rewards! Once a collection is sold out we will open the staking part of the site and you will be able to stake your Monster Sprite Club Nft and receive our native token $scream. Scream tokens will be able to be spent on merchandise, potions and formulas to transform your Monster Sprites as well as exchange for other cryptocurrencies and in to cash.

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