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Skull Demolition is a unique skull and crossbones NFT collection. Each Skull demolition is unique and exists as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Our goal is to form the largest Skull community the world has ever seen. Why us? quite simply because we are at the beginning of a great adventure and this collection will be the first and will follow by evolutions of skull demolition we plan to make a 3D and 3D moving collection, we will thanks to you have a project and a strong community which focuses on the long term. All the lucky ones who will be part of this first collection will be able to claim benefits for the following collections as a token of thanks as well as Air Drops and rewards. We would like to set realistic expectations and 100% achieve them - which means no false promises! There is a lot of creativity and thought work by our designer, so that every piece you hold is unique, The shull demolition is on the way.. Date: Mai 21th 21:00 UTC Mint supply: 7'777 Whitelist price: 0.04 Public price: 0.06