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Are you ready for some wild wild west? NFTs is already the wild wild west and we are all ready for some good 'ole western Our beautiful blonde outlaw has now taken the key to the memeverse, you can't catch her I bet... About Ghulam Rock Ghulam Rock aka Ghulam Najmudin is the CEO of Grax Studio since 2015. GRAX for Ghulam Rock Expansion. Grax Rock is his personal project on NFT, on his work can be found on Tezos, Algorand, ETH and Soluna. Grax Rock joined NFTs since August 2021 in this very exciting community. He loves punk rock, comic books, heavy metal music, streetwear, girls and sometimes some good alcohol with friends. "I hope you guys enjoy my work, Keep support each others and don't forget to chill!!!" About Memeverse by Summerrainx Memeverse is a series of short stories NFTs curated by Summerrainx. She is a Singaporean based curator who has been in the NFT space for almost 2 years and is also one third and the Asian side of the 33NFT admin team - who is one of the top curators and NFT collectors in the space. She also has over 10+ years of experience building businesses for Fortune 100s and aims to create an entire story telling universe called the Memeverse.