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Launching in June, the Meta Moose NFT collection stands out as a decentralized hunting experience, built for the future of Web3.0. Bringing a revolutionary NFT collection and video game to the Web3.0 metaverse, the Meta Moose Club is pioneering a decentralized hunting platform - one which promotes wildlife preservation and legal hunting practices. The Meta Moose collection features 10,000, individually unique and programmatically generated Moose NFT’s. Comprised of 180+ hand drawn traits this collection is built on the Ethereum Blockchain with the most creative and forward-thinking design features to enjoy. MMC NFT holders can also look forward to early access to the upcoming Meta Moose Lodge, which will feature video games with play-to-earn features using blockchain based technology. The Meta Moose Lodge will be the first of its kind: a decentralized blockchain based hunting platform where players are able to hunt, breed, buy, sell land, and build. While this is set for a 2023 release, MMC NFT holders can get involved in the community now - engaging with a growing community and enjoying first entrance into the Meta Moose world. In building a massive and engaged community that can come together and make a real difference in both the real world and Web3.0, MMC is pioneering a space where fun and enjoyment can be had while also doing good and caring for the planet and its inhabitants. The Meta Moose Club NFT Collection will launch for presale in early June 2022, with public sale availability to follow.