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The Unstoppable Dance Music & Entertainment machine. A Brand launching Virtual Artists. Bringing the party to Web3 & Web3 to the Party. Time for an experiment… What is real and what is fake? Rich bros doing groceries in a Lambo, Instababes photoshopping themselves a new a-hole or two and bulky guys looking like Thor by only eating testicle sashimi (100% natty bro). Things are getting blurry, daddy. While real people act fake online, why not create fictional people who become the realest? What if we create imaginary characters who would be total misfits in real life and grow them into the biggest superstars? They’re cringy. They’re dorky. They’re f*cking hilarious. Traphouse George, Steroid Ron and New Age Jimmy are here to become world-famous superstar DJs. Invest in, curate and co-decide your favorite artist's career. Watch your NFT come to life, own a piece of their brand and become part of their road to stardom. Your artists are brought to life through various forms of entertainment: music, animations, performances & much more. In collaboration with Warner Records, Probably A Label and OpenSea. Design by John F. Malta (Netflix, Facebook, COMPLEX, New York Times).