Blockchain :

The Royal Rhino Golf club is a collection of 10,000 unique Rhinos, each with its own distinctive features. The Rhinos play Golf and are the biggest owners of Golfing land in the metaverse. Each Rhino is a member of the Royal Rhino Golf Club and will be part owner of real estate in the metaverse which will be used for golfing events, collaborations, marketing and games. Rewards and Airdrops will be consistent so as to return as much value to the Rhinos as possible. We are also committing to donating part of our proceeds to the Save the Rhino charity. The public sale for the Royal Rhino Golf Club will be launching on the 20th of February 2022 @ 2 Sol The presale for our 1,500 Whitelist participants will be going live on the 19th of February 2022 @ 1.5 Sol We do weekly AMAs so join us on Twitter, Discord and Telegram to keep up to date.